About Me!

I’m 21.

Some hobbies I guess. I love ballroom dancing and genealogy. When I’m home from college, I coach youth bowling with my dad. I like knitting, even though I’m ridiculously slow at it.

Oh, and I’m a drag king. I perform in Tampa and Tallahassee, and couldn’t do any of it without my best friend and drag daddy Doktor Jaeb. Find us on facebook, (me) and (him). He also has a tumblr for his drag persona, ^_^

I go to FSU, go Noles! <3 I wanna be a virologist when I get out of school (study of viruses). I’m really interested in tropical emerging diseases like hemorrhagic fevers (think Ebola). I’m usually reading a book about some kind of disease when I’m not studying, dancing, or hanging out with my friends.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. I’m pretty open about everything. Or just message me, I love making new friends and talking to people =)