Mar 29

Alright tumblr… I made a comeback the other night and am getting back into performing. Slammer Hard as Peter Pan ;-)

drag king
Mar 24

My attempt at steampunk Peter pan for the drag show tonight. Drew a sick tattoo on my chest with eyeliner and eyeshadow =)

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May 13

I don’t understand why it won’t take my thumbnail change D=

But this is from like 2 months ago, I just never got a chance to upload.

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May 04

…My god. Spikey Van Dykey, everyone.


…My god. Spikey Van Dykey, everyone.

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May 01

My hair kinda looks like Peter Pan with the length it’s getting.

Not gonna lie I need to find a song to do as Peter Pan now.

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Apr 22

My performance last night >.>

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Apr 22
Slammer Hard, everybody.

Slammer Hard, everybody.

slammer hard drag king tampa florida drag
Apr 22
Over at my friend’s after the show last night

Over at my friend’s after the show last night

drag king slammer hard drag king tampa
Mar 13

Work was great today, we only did actual work for like 2 hours xD the rest of the day I worked on my lemonade stand, I just got to over $1000. Going to the ballpark was a great decision haha. Another easy day tomorrow; I’m gonna go to the mall during my lunch break and shop for my show stuff. Performing in Ybor at Hamburger Mary’s again tomorrow night (845 pm), for anyone in the Tampa area! Just chillin for the rest of the night ^_^

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Mar 12

2013 Mr. Tallahassee PRIDEFEST Pageant →




Hey guys, Florida king Slammer Hard here! The Family Tree up in Tallahassee is doing their drag pageant this year a little differently than years past; we’re now splitting it so there is a separate Mr. Tallahassee pageant. There’s 4 categories: Colors of Pride themed presentation, solo talent, evening wear, and on stage interview. The event is on April 14, which is a Sunday. Entry fee is $50, and the winner receives $100 at time of crowning, $100 at step down, a photo shoot with an amazing local photographer, and 5 guaranteed paid bookings. Check out the event on facebook, it would be great to have some new talent in the mix!

Signal boost, signal boost!

Signal boosting again, we need a couple more entries this week to be able to do a separate king pageant from the queen one! =)

Andd somehow I ended up reblogging this from myself on my wrong blog, oops.

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