Feb 10

I love watching other kings perform. I wish I was as good as everyone else and I am so in awe of everyone who performs. Some day I’ll be this good.

sometimes i get distracted actually i get distracted a lot drag kings
Nov 06

So, my crazy late night idea to start a cabaret…

Is actually working out >.>

Everyone I’ve asked about it has loved the idea, and all but a few of the people I’ve invited to perform have said they would LOVE to. The others don’t like being on stage but will help and cheer in the audience ^_^

Now to just find a venue and finalize life with everyone.

So far we have drag kings and drag queens, Disney burlesque, singing, and acting.

Anyone in the Tampa area wanna join in?

#I’m serious guys

i am GOING to get this done tampa florida drag drag kings drag king drag queen drag queens ybor brandon burlesque cabaret entertainment ideas
Sep 01


Every fall and spring semester at FSU the Pride Student Union puts on a drag show witha combination of professional out of town and professional local drag queens and drag kings. Once again everyone did a great job and I tried my best to get a good shot of everyone.

All photos property of Black Rose Photography

Twas an awesome show!

FSU Pride FSU Pride LGBTQ Drag King Drag Kings drag queens drag queen photography
Apr 17

Currently watching Jacob have sex with my floor

We’ve been choreographing songs since like 10 or 11 pm. He has an audition tomorrow night, he’s doing 2 songs Wednesday night, 1 with me, and has 3 songs to practice for this weekend. I practiced our song and then the Big Apple for my dance class. It’s been a fun night needless to say. We’re doing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” sung by the Glee Warblers on Wednesday ^_^ Super excited!! Let’s see… We went to Panera with Kitty for dinner tonight. That was fun. I lubs Kitty. Even though she doesn’t like fish and I’m Fishy. Omg. Watching Jacob doing Jo Calderone is ridiculous. I love this boy. I really want him to be in my life for the rest of my life.

jacob sex drag drag kings love do ya think i'm sexy you and i lady gaga glee warblers rendezvous wednesdays tallahassee fsu seminoles dance the big apple swing dance
Apr 13

That moment when you realize you’re in a car full of drag kings

Because one of your favorite songs that one of you has dragged to comes on, and everyone is “singing” along, yet the only noise in the car is from the radio.

^_^ drag drag kings drag life problem? that moment when I love my best friend jacob